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Institute for Horn of Africa

Studies and Affairs (IHASA)

Call for Presentations and Papers for IHASA 2012 Conference (co-convened with University of Minnesota, Human Rights Center)

Conference Title: The Horn of Africa: From Conflict to Regional Integration through Conflict Resolution

Conference Date: September 28th to September 29th, 2012

Conference Location: University of Minnesota, Law Center

Conference Theme:

Despite common history and geography tying together, the Horn of Africa region had both recent and past conflicts that made democratic governance nearly impossible.

The region is home to a large number of ethnic groups living in eight interrelated different countries marked with soft borders – Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eretria, Djibouti, Kenya , Uganda and Somalia.

Horn of Africa is a region plagued by armed conflicts that produce turbulent and tumultuous conditions laced with massive displacements, gross human rights violations and mass violence. Although instability is more common than otherwise, the emergent regional integration among some of these countries seems to be an alternative course. Cases in point are the Ethio-Djibouti infrastructural development along major routes that connect the port of Djibouti and Ethiopian population centers, and the South Sudan –Djibouti agreement signed in October 2011. Moreover, if the Ogaden issue is peacefully resolved, the potential for exporting the Ogaden gas and oil resources through either the ports of Djibouti or Barbara may further enhance both peace and democratization in the region.

The 2012-IHASA-Conference theme will explore and shed light on the Horn of Africa's historical conflicts and future integration and governance with the following themes:

1. To critically analyze the underlying causes and the cross-cutting issues of conflicts in the Horn. Employing regional lenses and broader perspectives, the IHASA-2012 Conference will underscore the interconnectedness of some of the region's conflicts and the resultant proxy wars in order to contribute to the pertinent conflict resolution debates. An assessment of the emergent trends in regional integration and the resultant democratization and peaceful coexistent among the countries in the region.

2. To appraise Somalia's Draft constitution and evaluate whether federalism is sustainable and a better alternative to the failed unitary system of government of the 1960. Somalia, has been without a permanent government for the last 22 years due to internal strife and inter clan conflict, producing multiple autonomous regional states.

Guidelines for Paper:

Below are the guidelines in submitting paper/presentation.

Papers should reflect the conference theme.

Abstracts for paper and proposals for presentation, and roundtables need to be submitted for approval by July 1st, 2012

Speakers of approved papers and presentation are required to send the full text of their papers, and presentation including abstracts to IHASA by August 30, 2012

Papers should be single-spaced, 12 point font size, Times New Roman. They should be submitted as a Word document.

A conference paper proposal or abstracts should consists of:

Title of the paper

Name(s) of speaker(s), their Institution, city and country

Abstract of approximately 200 words, summarizing the presentation

Once the paper proposals and/or abstracts are approved by the conference committee, the approved papers, presentation and roundtables should adhere to these guidelines.

The minimum length [short paper] is 4 pages and the maximum length [full paper] is 10 pages (single-spaced A4).

If you are preparing a Power Point Presentation with the paper, it should be integrated into ONE single Word document.

Power Point Presentation, without accompanying speaking texts, will not be accepted as papers.

Papers may be written and presented in English.

Please avoid using unexplained acronyms, sets of initials, jargon and phrases which a diverse audience may not understand.

The full text of the paper with abstract must be submitted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than August 30, 2012. Earlier submission would be appreciated.

IHASA has first publication rights to papers presented at the conference.

The quality of our conference as a whole largely depends on the relevance and interest of the papers. Therefore, it is our best hope that you will help us making your paper very relevant to our conference theme.

Overview of Institute for Horn of Africa Studies and Affairs (IHASA):

Institute for Horn of Africa Studies and Affairs (IHASA) is a 501c3 national nonprofit organization whose mission is to document, research, analyze, publish and disseminate information on the political and socio-economic justice issues affecting the people in the Horn of Africa and in the Diaspora community. IHASA promotes peace, justice, equality, development and supports policies and actions that contribute to the advancement of good governance and the elimination of conflicts in the Horn of Africa.

IHASA strongly believes that the people of the Horn of Africa, given the opportunities necessary, are productive and the region is very dynamic and resourceful. IHASA believes that the necessary opportunities can be attained through peace, justice, and mutual development as a way of life.