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Historical Background:

Inspired by the plight of the people in the Horn of Africa and the desire to improve the conditions in which they live, Institute for Horn of Africa Studies and Affairs was launched in 2008 with the goal of providing accurate information about the Horn of Africa, building and improving the capacities of institutions and current/prospective leaders in the Horn of Africa and in the Diaspora communities. Furthermore, we seek to prevent and resolve conflicts in the Horn of Africa region.

Dr. Ed Keller—UCLA

Yusuf Hassan—Member of Parliament - Kenya

Abdulrahman Hersi—Community member

Marakat Salassie—University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Dr.Samantha Hurst—UCSD

Charless Dambach—Chief of Staff for Congressman Garamendi

Chair—Mohamed Yarow

Vice Chair—Nur Ali

Secretary—Sadio Aar

Treasure—Mustafa  Hassan

Member—Mohamed Dubat

Member—Abdirizak Jiran

Executive Director—Hamse Warfa

Associate Executive Director—Horseed Nooh

Horn of Africa Region Communications Director—John Wanjora

Director of communications—Sadio Aar

Director of Resesearch—Faisal Roble

Associate Director of  Research—Fowsia Abdikadir

Senior Researcher—Abdirizak Mohamed